Top Tricks to Help You Get Rid of Closet Clutter

Discover effective ways to get rid of closet clutter once and for all!

If the closets are a mess, the house will soon follow!

Just because guests cannot see into the closet doesn't mean it should be in complete disarray.

Closets are the very core of your household storage space.

Here's how to approach your closet clutter problem and get your household back in order.

1. The Big Cleaning

Plan a day to perform a "big cleaning" on your closets. Remove everything then sweep the floors and dust off shelves and hanging bars before placing items back inside.

If you have never done this before, now is the time.

After it's done once and proper maintenance is applied, you shouldn't have to do it again for a long while.

2. Prioritize

You'll find two different types of items in your closets:
  • the items you need often
  • the items you need on occasion

Make items you need often as accessible as possible. The general rule is to get what you want without removing and replacing everything constantly. This helps prevent the need to disrupt your organization.

Items that are seasonal (winter/summer clothing) or only needed on occasion (formal suits/dresses) should be given lower priority. Place these items in the back or bottom of your closet.

3. Maximize Shelving Potential

Consider maximizing your shelving potential. Effective shelving can maximize your closet space.

Many manufacturers make entire units with a number of shelves that can be easily installed into almost any closet.

Measure the length, width and depth before purchasing a shelf or shelving unit. After installation, perform a strength check before putting belongings on the shelves.

4. Storage Container Selection

After cleaning and installing shelving units, it's important that you also choose the right storage containers.

Cardboard boxes can be torn and dented, and will eventually bend under pressure.

Plastic totes are preferable and offer a degree of water protection as well.

It's better to store belongings in boxes rather than bags. Bags can give a cluttered look in your closet. Boxes fit together like a puzzle and can help you use every inch of storage space.

5. Storing Garments and Footwear

Clothing can become quite heavy and take up a lot of space in your closet. Install hanging bars to ensure each garment avoids damage and stays crisp.

From the moment you hang up your shirts, pants, skirts, or any clothing, keep them neat.

Create a space and hang the garment completely flat. Run a hand down either side to make sure pant legs and sleeves are not folded or bunched up anywhere. This can take away from precious storage space and cause wrinkles.

Also consider hanging shoes from a back-of-the-door style shoe rack or floor rack to keep pairs together and out of walkways.