Guide to Declutter Your Life (Part II)

Discover how to declutter your life and stay organized!

In the first installment of the guide to declutter your life, you learned the basics of how to get started turning your congested home or office into an orderly living or working space.

Having a decluttered home, home life and workspace is essential not only to the proper working order of your home or office space but also to your state of mind.

Those who have cluttered areas around them usually have cluttered minds as well. Once you clear house or office you can then feel better mentally knowing that you have an orderly place to live and work.

Here are five more tips on how to declutter your life:

1. Recycle Unwanted Items

Frequently you will have items which you simply do not need to keep around anymore. These can be anything from clothing items to magazines to dishware.

The best way to get rid of these items is by recycling them. Give them to friends, family members or Goodwill-type stores.

This will leave your area clutter-free and allow someone else to get good use out of the items.

2. Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen area is one which usually goes untouched quite a bit. This is a bad thing as it can lead to old food hanging around and dishes lying around may get chips or cracks. Even drawers get really messy for being left alone for way too long.

Since you most likely use your kitchen on a daily basis, it is important organize your kitchen. Therefore, go through your kitchen drawers, cabinets and even spice racks and get rid of old or unwanted items. Don’t let clutter take control of your kitchen!

3. Clear Closet Clutter

Your closet is another area which often goes untouched yet gets used quite often, particularly bedroom closets. Pick a day and a closet and attack it head on.

Get rid of old clothes which are ill-fitting ones and organize shoes, purses, belts and other items which can often get out of control in the closet.

Doing this will help you to start your day better each morning knowing that you can go into the closet, find what you are looking for and get on your way in a quick and efficient manner.

4. Establish Drawer Organizers throughout Your Home

Whether you have drawers and chests in your bedroom, living room or other space in your home, you should always take advantage of drawer organizers.

These sectionals enable individuals to keep their drawers orderly and separate different items within the drawers in an orderly fashion. These can be purchased at any bed and bath store and will come in extremely handy.

5. Buy Yourself a Treat When Your Cleaning Chores Are Done

Before you start to organize and declutter your home, have an idea in mind of a certain "treat" you can purchase for yourself when you achieve your decluttering goals.

Things such as buying a new painting for your room or purchasing a new set of dishes for the kitchen will help you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Think to yourself "Before I buy this new "X", I must have a clean and organized area to place it in so that it looks spectacular!" This will give you a goal to look forward to and may even help you to declutter your rooms, home and life in a more expedient fashion.

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