Guide to Declutter Your Life (Part I)

Discover effective ways to declutter your life and stay organized!

Life for many is fast-paced these days. With work, leisure time, kids and other daily activities, keeping our homes and minds clear of clutter can sometimes be a difficult task.

However, there are ways to take a deep breath, step aside and evaluate the clutter in our lives all the while coming up with solutions for getting rid of the clutter and getting on with life.

Continue reading to discover tips to declutter your life.

1. Examine the Clutter Situation

Before you hit the ground running and start decluttering everything in sight, you simply must examine the clutter situation first.

Go through each room in your house or office and take a general inventory of what needs to go.

Consider which rooms can benefit from bins and storage sections, and which ones need some tidying up.

2. Use Box Organization Techniques for Rooms with Different People's Items in Them

If the rooms you plan on decluttering have items from a lot of different family members in them, ensure that you have collection boxes ready before getting started.

Use basic cardboard ones with individual's names written on each with a Sharpie pen. Or you could use color-coordinated plastic bins which you gather up the individual family member's items within.

3. Every Toy Should Have a Place

If you have children, chances are you know how difficult it really is to keep everything as organized as possible.

The biggest challenge is usually with toys as these often seem to multiply in number quickly.

The best way to declutter when it comes to toys is to use organized toy bins and containers to do so.

If you have both boys and girls, use blue storage bins or cubbies for the boys and pink bins or containers for the girls. This way you can start the organization process by gender. If you have kids of the same gender, make sure to mark the bins with the names or first initial of the child's name.

This way both you and the kids know exactly where their toys should be.

4. Make It a Team Effort

Make decluttering a team effort in your home. All individuals within the house should take part in cleaning in a mass cleaning effort as well as little by little each day.

If everyone takes part in the decluttering aspect, you'll find that it will be much easier to keep your home clean and orderly.

5. Deal with Papers Clutter

Paper clutter in the home and office may get out of control after awhile. This is especially so if you have several individuals in your home.

Try to use a vertical filing bin system where each family member has their own space in the bin.

Whenever new papers come in and have been read, make sure the papers go straight in each person's own filing bin.

Once the bin components are full, the papers can be moved to a more permanent storage space.

These first five tips will provide you with a great basis to help you get rid of clutter from your life.

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