Get Rid of Garage Clutter

Is garage clutter preventing you from parking your car in it? Learn how to deal with clutter in your garage with these simple tips

Has your garage become so full that you cannot even park your car in it?

You may have stored items in your garage so they stay out of sight. While the concept sounds like an easy, quick solution, a cluttered garage makes it hard for you to find a simple item.

A neat, well organized garage is much easier to maintain and also helps discourage pests from wandering inside. By cleaning and maintaining your garage, you can also help prevent damage, such as structural damage that can crack concrete and rot wood.So here are tips on how to get rid of garage clutter...

1. Get it All Out

Warning: before beginning this step it is highly advised that ample time be allotted to the task.

That means start on a weekend or any time you have a day or two of nothing else to do.

Remove everything from your garage, even if you intend to keep it. By getting all your belongings out, you can ensure that the job is done thoroughly and nothing is missed.

2. Touch Up Work

Patch any holes. Apply a new coat of paint. Now that everything is out you have the perfect opportunity to do touch up work on the garage interior.

A few simple repairs will help make your garage look good while protecting its most basic structures.

3. Shelves, Hooks, and Pegs

Shelving units can turn a blank wall into a wealth of storage space.

Simple hooks and pegs are great for getting gardening tools and other garage necessities up off the floor. This really frees up a lot of floor space.

Do not neglect the storage potential that can be found on the walls and ceilings of your garage.

4. Organize Contents

It's finally time to start putting everything back in the garage. Begin with high items and work your way down. Avoid placing things directly on the floor.

This is also an ideal time to go through tool boxes and storage containers, sorting their contents. You might discover items you had been looking for as well as things that can be removed.

As you remove items, try utilizing the freed up storage space with something else. Your finished garage will look organized and offer plenty of walking and parking space.

Final Tip: Plan

Before you begin, map out how you would like your garage to look like when you are done. Plan where everything should be stored.

Second, determine what will be done with the items you're not keeping.

Do you plan to sell them or throw them in the trash? Will the garbage men take all of the items, or will larger pieces require a special pickup?

Planning ahead of time helps ensure a smooth process.