Getting Organized For Travel

Getting organized for travel does not have to be a pain. Here are simple ways to organize yourself before travelling.

With modern airline restrictions, bulky computer equipment and a myriad of extraneous electronic devices, modern travel can present lots of challenges.

However, with some organizational preparation and a willingness to travel light, you can overcome any travel headache thrown your way, and lightly bounding from terminal to taxi can yield an untold joy.

Here are five great tips to help you get organized for that globe-trotting schedule:

Lighten Up

Any experienced traveler will tell you; the key to a great travel experience is to pack light.

You never need as many things as you think, and getting organized for a long trip will require a certain level of discipline.

Think about what you really need, how you will need to dress while on the road, and try to anticipate the worst.

Nobody Cares If You Wear The Same Shirt

One secret weapon that light travelers have? Few pieces of clothing.

They wash their clothes on the road, and most of them carry a portable clothes line.

A small container of detergent and a flexible line are far lighter than a shirt and pants for every night you are away. Look for clothes that dry quickly and wash easily.

Another hot tip in getting organized for travel: Don't spend too much money on expensive luggage; instead, take that money and spend it on specialized travel clothes.

Go for Small

Although we pretend that every airline has the same rough requirements, they do not.

Speak to your airline before your flight, and make sure that your luggage qualifies to travel, especially if you carry everything on the plane.

Remember that there are weight restrictions for carry-on luggage as well as checked baggage.

Something else to keep in mind: foreign airlines typically have tighter weight and size restrictions than American carriers.

Check with your airline to be sure. If you are absolutely committed to carry-on luggage, learn to pack everything that you need in a 20 inch bag. An 18 inch bag would be even better for international travel.

The great thing about a smaller bag?

It forces you to travel light.

A Vest?

You might be able to buy a travel vest that has so many pockets that it serves as a virtual carry-on.

When you can pack away your music player, books, cell phone and portable gaming system, who needs an extra carry-on bag? This is an easy way to keep your items close, and helps you to learn to travel with only one bag. It's worth a look:


If you want to get really good at travel packing and getting organized for travel, practice... especially if you've bought a brand new piece of luggage.

Experiment with different packing methods, and get a feel for how much your bag can hold. Try to pack light, even on car trips and weekenders.

Pick that bag up when it's fully loaded, and force yourself to carry it around on your neighborhood walk. With some practice and a new "light" travel philosophy, you can organize successfully for travel and make the most of that time on the road.