How to Declutter: 4 Simple Steps for Getting Rid of Clutter in Less Than One Hour

Get quick tips to start getting rid of clutter by today!

Is your house full of clutter?

Learn how to clear clutter within an hour.

1. Be Ruthless

Deal with one item at a time. For each item, ask yourself "has this been used this year?" If anything that has not been touched for one year, get rid of it.

Be ruthless. Don't let it contribute to your clutter problems.

  • Throw - To determine whether an item should be tossed, use the one year rule. If you haven't used any item for more than a year, it should go. You most likely won't use it.
  • Donate or Sell - Earn some spare cash clearing your clutter. Pick items that you can sell on eBay or through a garage sale to earn some extra cash. If you have old clothes can be donated to charity, go ahead and do so. Others will really appreciate it, and at the same time you are clearing out clutter.
  • Keep - If something has not been used for one year but is important, don't leave it lying around. Store it away at an appropriate place.

2. Clear Clutter from Unseen Areas

It's easy to clear clutter from visible areas and leave the unseen areas like the closet and garage full of clutter and junk.

This makes it hard for you to find items whenever you need them. So clear your closet clutter and garage clutter.

It makes it more efficient to find items whenever you need them.

3. Clear Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is one of the most common type of clutter. It can accumulate quickly in your home.

Get rid of junk mail, old newspapers or old magazines. If there are any important documents, file it up immediately.

4. Simple Rules for Staying Organized

You may have got your home organized before but after a few weeks or so, you find that you invited clutter to your home once again...

This is why creating a system for staying organized is so important.

  • Give everything a home - If the item is important to you, don't just keep them in random places. This contributes to clutter. Allocate an appropriate place for each item.
  • Keep all surfaces clear - Take a look at all the surfaces in your home. Aim to keep all surfaces clear. You will be amazed at how organized your home will look with this simple rule.
  • Deal with each item only once - Don't leave an item to be cleared "another day". Procrastination is the root cause of a cluttered home. Form a habit of dealing with each item once. When you pick up an item, it should be thrown, donated, sold or kept. This saves you a tremendous amount of time!

Follow these tips to start getting rid of clutter. Your house should look organized in an hour or less.