How to Organize a Closet: Ways To Take Your Closet From Messy To Marvelous

Is your closet in a mess? Do you wish you could get it organized? Learn how to organize a closet and get tips to keep it organized.

You may have a lot of closet space. Or you may have just a little closet space.

The one thing you need to know is that you can always use whatever closet space you have better.

Your closet does not need to collect all the junk in your home just because it's behind closed doors. Behind those closed doors should be an organized machine that makes you shine.

Take your closet from messy to marvelous! Here are effective ways to on how to organize a closet:

1) Give everything its own home - One way to guarantee that your closet will not fail you is to separate the contents out.

For example, you don't place your earrings in the corner by your tax receipts. Earrings go by other jewelry and tax receipts belong by your important paper work.

2) Put your laundry away after you're done drying it - After you have folded your clothes put them all away where they should be and don't temporarily stash the folded stack. That stack will end up not being temporary.

3) Keep what you use the most in there - No matter what type of closet it is you should have it be for one basic purpose. If you never look at something or don't even know what is in a box it should be in storage.

4) Find a good closet organizing system - Closet organizers help you make the most of your space. Take shoes - they are difficult to organize. If you keep your shoes in your closet a shoe organizer is critical to helping you keep your sanity.

5) Decide what your closet is for - You should never look at your closet as a store all. Decide what you are using a closet for. Even if you use it for a few different things you will be okay if they are similar.

It is never a good idea to have the holiday dishes, laundry soap, your clothes, and the baby's toys all together. Chaos will come your way.

6) Go through your closet every few months - Don't panic at this suggestion! When you go through your closet frequently you get a chance to evaluate what you need and don't need in there.

If you keep up with that task it will be easy to do and will not take long at all.

What REALLY takes a long time is sorting through your closet once every year or two.

7) Do not stack everything on top of each other - When you stack everything on top of the other you always need what's in the bottom box. If you stack things make sure they are clearly labeled or get organizers that open from the front.

8) Have your closet be just yours - It is not always possible to have a closet to yourself but when you do it's much easier to keep it organized. People get cranky when they feel they are constantly battling other people's messes.

If it's all your belongings in a closet you will just have yourself to deal with.