How to Organize a Kitchen

Make your kitchen your kingdom with these simple tips on how to organize a kitchen

Whether you like to spend time in your kitchen or not there is one thing you should require from your kitchen. Organization is that one thing. An organized kitchen will save you time, sanity and work.

The kitchen is not only the place where your food is prepared. It is also a place to gather socially and where you have to clean up after your meals. There are some highly effective organization tips you can use to make your kitchen look neat and tidy.

1. Your dishes:

If you have a dishwasher you should keep your plates and glasses nearby. That will make it much easier to put them away and you won't be crossing paths with anybody else in the kitchen.

2. Your spices:

Since you are most likely to use your spices and seasonings when you are cooking you should keep them near the stove/oven. This will make them easily accessible when you are cooking and you can put them right back away when you are done with them.

3. Kitchen counter:

Keep your kitchen's counter space uncluttered. Use your kitchen counter for kitchen items! It can be easy to just put whatever mail came that day or miscellaneous paperwork on a kitchen counter. Avoid doing that if you can.

4. Seating area:

When you have a breakfast area or table in your kitchen try to make sure that it is off to the side. If you have to constantly maneuver around it you will find it difficult to use your kitchen effectively. It will also make your kitchen look cluttered.

5. Utensils:

Your utensils should be as close to the stove as possible. If you have the space you may certainly keep them in a container on the counter-top. If you like them hidden place them in a drawer by the stove so they are easily accessible.

6. Plastic containers:

Plastic containers do stack nicely but still get easily messed up. Try to buy compatible plastic containers so they will stay neat and tidy.

Place the lids in a bin next to the containers. Plastic containers are one of those things that can be stored in the awkward little cupboard spaces that most kitchens have.

7. Kitchen appliances:

Kitchen appliances are very appealing to have. They also take up a tremendous amount of space.

If you are going to leave appliances on your counter-tops make sure they are the ones you use the most - toaster, coffee maker, blender. The items that you use on occasion should be stored in extra cupboard space or possibly a different spot all together.

8. Use kitchen cabinets to save space:

if you wish to hide your kitchen appliances, dishes, or cups somewhere, kitchen cabinets are a good alternative.

Although using cabinets are a good way to save space, make sure you keep your kitchen cabinets organized.

9. Garbage can:

Every kitchen needs a garbage can. Hide that garbage can if possible. In my other article on organizing kitchen cabinets, I suggested that you can install built-in kitchen bins to save space, but if you don't want that, a good alternative to save space is to put your bin under the sink.

Since kitchen garbage gets stinky quickly it's a good idea to have a separate small garbage can for waste that stink quickly, like chicken carcasses or unwanted leftovers.

You will save space and take your garbage out more frequently so it does not smell up the house. Better yet, the garbage won't be so heavy that it breaks on the way out the door.

10. Organize the pantry:

Making use of the kitchen pantry can save you lots of space in your kitchen when your dishes, food and provisions are stored neatly. Not to mention, it also saves you time when you keep your pantry organized.