How to Organize Your Desk to Be More Productive

Does your desk look messy? Learn how to organize your desk easily with these quick tips and ideas!

It does not matter if your desk is two feet long or six feet long when it comes to organization. You'll be a more productive worker if your desk is organized and you have a system in place that helps you be effective.

Here are great ways for organizing your desk and make you very productive.

Tip #1 Have a system in place.

There is no standard system that works for everybody when it comes to organization and productivity.

You need to be aware of how you work best and get things accomplished and implement a system that fits your criteria. Your system should be one that you can do on your own and not one that you can count on an assistant to do for you.

Tip #2 Start your day off right.

At the beginning of every day organize all the tasks you have to do into a priority pile.

This will let you get started on what must be done and then work on everything else. That approach will make you more relaxed, reduce stress, and give you greater productivity.

Tip #3 Make use of your priority pile

You are only human and not everything can be done immediately. Put notes on what you want to accomplish, need to accomplish, and have to accomplish. Those notes will make sure that you have looked at everything and put together a plan for success.

Tip #4 End your day right.

At the end of your day organize your desk and the tasks that you have remaining. That will help you feel rewarded for your accomplishments during the day and prevent you from worrying about what you need to address the next day.

Some times things change overnight and when they do, that is when you go back to tip #2.

Tip #5 Do one project at a time.

Multi-tasking is not always a good quality. It will cause your desk to end up being cluttered and soon this can be a source of frustration and stress.

You can complete one task more quickly if you devote your time and attention to it. If somebody calls you with a question on another task you have set, tell them you need to call back when you complete what you are working on.

Put that project next on the pile and call them back when you can listen and devote time. That does not mean that you have to complete that project right away but you can give a timeline on it.

Tip #6 Don't be afraid to call people back.

Another productivity tip when working at your desk is to handle interruptions well.

When you talk with somebody on the telephone it's perfectly fine to let them know you cannot have an extensive conversation at that moment.

They will not only appreciate your honesty but they would rather get your undivided attention later than a distracted you right now.

Tip #7 Have paper trays and holders.

Another great tip on how to organize your desk is to use trays and holders. Yes, they may be old school... but there is an excellent reason for having the in box, the out box, and the working on box. It helps keep you organized and avoid desk clutter!

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