How to Organize Your Room

Do you have a messy and cluttered room? Learn how to organize your room with these simple tips.

Organizing the garage will allow you to have more space in your garage, allowing to hold more than just your cars.

The very reasons that we may hesitate to organize our garages are the same reasons we should get to it. Garages get dirty quicker than most rooms and usually have an outside access.

That means they track in dirt and the occasional critter. Most people enter their homes through their garage. It is disheartening to have to navigate yourself through a greasy obstacle course just to get in the house. Here are some ways you can make your garage go from grungy to grand.

1. If you do not have good garage shelving - get some.

Industrial shelving is quite affordable and will help you organize everything in your garage. Items that you do not need regularly can be placed up higher.

Things that you frequently used can be kept within reaching distance. Plus, if your garage floor gets wet your belongings are protected.

2. Sweep your garage out at least once a month.

If you own a vehicle or bicycle, those tires track in dirt and mud!

That builds up in your garage and follows into the house from the bottoms of your shoes. If your garage is unorganized it will carry over to your house.

3. Do not put clothing/cardboard boxes on the ground.

Mice and little critters like garages because they are have all sorts of wonderful things to make comfortable nests from.

You do not want your cardboard boxes and clothes to become their favorite materials. Do not use cardboard for garage storage of clothing.

4. Make sure your car can always fit in the garage.

One way to avoid garage clutter is to actually keep your car in there. It is impossible to have an organized garage if you cannot even fit your car in there.

5. Do not use your garage for storing and saving everything.

Garages are not made to collect everything.

They are designed to hold all the items you need to take care of outside work, car work, and hold outdoor toys. They are not meant to be the holding spot for all those great deals you got on items that you don't know what to do with.

6. Utilize your wall space.

There are garage wall hooks for everything. Gardening equipment, hoses, bicycles, and other things can be neat and organized when you take advantage of a wall hook.

7. Don't purchase toys that you don't have room for.

If you cannot have an outdoor shed or another means to store toys, equipment, and gadgets they should not take over your garage space. It may be tough, but just say no.

8. Put items back where you found them.

A great example is children's outdoor toys. If you are not willing to consistently put them back where they belong you should teach your child to do so. Toys create just as much clutter as fun if you let them get out of control.

Make it a habit to put all equipments and gadgets back after using them.