How to Clear Office Clutter

Office clutter can really impact productivity and your ability to work efficiently. Discover simple methods to deal with the problem.

Office clutter can really impact productivity and your ability to work efficiently.

In order to get things done in a timely manner, you must be able to access what you need quickly. Whether you're working in a home office or in an office building, good organization is vital to success.

The following tips can help you optimize your work space and get more out of each moment spent there.

1. Simple Supply Storage

Supplies can sometimes be the hardest part of office organization. Erasers, pens pencils, paperclips and more are very easy to toss together into a drawer. Avoid the urge to do this!

Instead, purchase small bins that fit into your desk drawers. Sort each item by type.

That way, when you need to grab a paper clip, rubber band, or pen, you know exactly where they are. It may save a minute or two, but those minutes will add up over weeks and months of hard work!

2. The Wonders of Book Shelves

Desk drawers can be very deep, but that doesn't mean they should be filled to the top!

If your desk has many books and similar reference materials, consider adding a book shelf to your office area. This could be a wall mounted unit or a floor unit (depending on your floor space limitations and size requirements).

Place all books in an orderly fashion on the shelves. Alphabetical is usually ideal or sort by topic, whichever offers you the most convenient way to retrieve the items you need.

3. "Note to Self" - Get Organized!

Are you guilty of writing a quick notes and reminders, then forgetting to throw it away when you're done? Cubicle walls and desk drawers can become a gathering place for this type of office clutter.

Make a point to write the date on notes to help identify those that need to be thrown away or recycled.

A system is highly recommended, and can be easily created by using a 2 bins, one for old notes and one for new. Schedule a time each week to empty out the old notes bin.

4. Desktop Knick Knacks

Knick knacks, photos, and other memorabilia can make an office setting much more colorful. For some, this is a method of personal expression at work.

Don't cover desk space with non-work related items. This type of clutter can hinder your productivity. It's unnecessary distraction.

The few items you choose to keep on your desk should be work related.

5. Label Everything

Keep all your files and documents organized. Use labels as much as possible on items such as binders, file folders and covers on documents. It'll help you find what you need in less time.

File them alphabetically or by date, depending on your needs.

With this, you get to quickly scan through labels of files or documents. This will be far more efficient than paging through the contents of each file, one by one, to find out it was not what you were searching for.