Tips to Organize Bills: Keep Bill Paying Organized and Start Paying All Your Bills on Time

Learn effective and stress-free ways to organize bills and pay all your bills on time, all the time!

You need to have an organized bill paying system. If you are late paying your bill they do not hesitate or care if they give you a late fee. I bet you care if you pay a late fee.

Most bills seem high enough on their own without adding late fees into the equation. The best ways to organize your bills are to set up for automatic bill pay, do online bill paying through your bank, place your bills in one spot in your home, and use a computer program for tracking bills.

If you do those four simple things or a combination of them you will stay on top of the bill paying game and reap the rewards of your organized efforts.

Automatic bill pay

When you have automatic bill pay, the only thing you need to have covered is the money in your account to pay for it. If you're on vacation it's not a problem. If you're sick that week you've got it covered.

Automatic bill pay will keep you very organized and gives you a record of paying that bill on your bank statements if you ever have a question about it.

Caution: Before you do this, understand the perils of automatic bill pay

Online bill paying

Online bill paying is a perfect solution for people who have recurring monthly bills or even a one time bill to pay.

Many times online bill paying can save you money too. You need to enroll for that with your financial institution (most have this option available). You just go on to your computer once or twice a month and plug in what needs to go out, where, and on what date.

The bank takes care of sending the check out for you.

But be very cautious. There are downsides to this convenience.

For monthly subscriptions with recurring payments like internet bills, if you unsubscribe, you MUST remember to stop the payment or it will continue paying bills you don't owe!

For further information on this, read how to set up automatic online bill pay and ensure that you avoid online bill pay nightmares.

The bill spot

You need a spot for your bills whether it's a shoe box, an incoming mail box, or your desk drawer. When you get in the habit of placing bills in the same spot consistently you will not lose track of them.

Those bills will not be out of sight and out of mind either. You will tend to pay them on time because you are organized. Paying on time does give you the opportunity for many perks with certain creditors.

Computer program

Budgeting programs for your computer can provide you with many valuable tools. They will set up bill paying reminders for you that go to your email or cell phone. You can also look at your entire financial picture from that program.

When you know what is going on financially you are less likely to make a mistake and more likely to be a responsible, organized bill payer.

When you organize bills you will reap the rewards. You will not have stress from forgetting and you will know what is going on all the time.

Give yourself some credit and organize your bills. Creditors tend to offer their best incentives to their reliable customers. You can be that customer.