Tips to Organize Laundry Room

Tips to Organize Laundry Room: How to create more space and keep your laundry room organized.

A laundry room can be used for more than just laundry if you organize it correctly. There are ways to get extra space and make the most out of the space you have.

Here are twelve tips that will help you get the most out of your laundry room space and keep it organized at the same time.

1) Use small containers for your soaps and detergents. It is fine to purchase a larger size but use a smaller container and refill it when necessary.

Those large containers are awkward shapes and sizes. They often will not fit in to cupboards.

2) Create separate bins for your whites, colors, and extra dirty clothes. This will keep everything neat and not let your laundry overflow. It also makes it easy to start a load of laundry quickly.

3) Place a counter space or folding table in the laundry room. It does not have to be large but it will keep you on top of your laundry folding game. Plus, it will not be sitting in a pile in your bedroom or living room.

4) Have a drying rack in the laundry room. Your clothes will dry quicker because they are in a warm room.

Clothing will also maintain its shape better and it will not look messy because it is strung out across your shower curtain rod.

5) Keep your iron, ironing board, and extra hangers in the laundry room. Hang up a rod for your ironed clothes. This will keep your ironed clothes tidy and out of your way.

6) Store your supplies in the areas where you use them. Keep your dryer sheets by the dryer, detergents by the washer, and starch by the ironing board. That way you will not be spinning in circles to get to everything you need.

7) Keep your small supplies in clear, labeled boxes and bins. When you place them on a counter or shelf they waste space because you can't stack other things on them.

It's also hard to find the item you want if you have to sift through many small items.

8) Clean often Spills can't be avoided, your laundry room floor is bound to get wet. Keep rags in your laundry room to clean up any spills or mess immediately.

A rag bin in your laundry room can also come in handy to help dispose off your old rags conveniently. It's also a great idea to use rags that can be rewashed easily in the washing machine, this way you can reuse them often.

9) Utilize small spaces. To save space, use wall hooks and wall hangers. This helps you utilize small spaces efficiently. That is perfect for basic tools or recycle bags.

Even if your laundry room is spacious, hanging everything up with wall hooks and wall hangers helps give a neat and organized look to your laundry room.

10) Make sure your laundry room flooring is easy to clean and durable. Carpeted laundry rooms are definitely NOT a great option. Find something durable that can be cleaned quickly.

11) Buy storage bins that you can place your washer and dryer on top of. That is a perfect way to get more use out of that designated space.

12) Do not decorate your laundry room with any decorative pieces (or knick-knacks). When you do that it just makes for an additional cleaning. Plus, your laundry room is not typically a social room.