Tips to Organize Pantry Items

Tips to Organize Pantry Items: Get your pantry organized with these simple methods!

The kitchen pantry is one of the most fantastic companions for your kitchen. You can easily access things in a pantry. Your pantry shows you everything with one look so it is easy to do a quick inventory on grocery day.

In order to take advantage of that you do need to have your pantry organized. You can have an organized pantry and completely take advantage of it. Here are eight ways to make your pantry be the best it can be:

1) Keep a footstool in your pantry. The footstool will make it easy and convenient for you to reach the top shelves. No matter how tall you are you will want a footstool for hard to reach shelves.

2) Make sure your dry or canned foods are easy to reach. If they are placed right your entire family will become more self sufficient. That saves you time and helps you’re your patience. By the time you explain where something is hidden in your pantry you should have just went and got it yourself.

3) Clearly label your pantry bins. When you know what to find in each one it will make it easier on everybody. It is increasingly easier to stay organized when you put things in the same places consistently.

4) Store your canned goods with the ones closest to expiration up front. That will save you money and remind you that it’s time to use them. If there is dust on the can you probably don’t need to buy that item anymore.

5) Keep only items associated with your kitchen in the pantry. If it ends up doubling as a linen closet, craft keeping area or DVD storage you will quickly run out of space that you need for your kitchen related items.

It is called a kitchen pantry for a reason. If it was for all those other things it would simply be called a closet.

6) Make sure you use your shelving efficiently. If you have small cans of food on shelves with 18 inch gaps you should get additional shelving and consolidate that space.

You will find something that could use more space at some point. Making the most of your shelving will let you fit everything that should go in your pantry in it.

7) Keep a grocery list in your pantry. Since your goal is to keep most of your kitchen related items there you should keep a list there for convenience.

Mark down when you need something. When you are busy it is not difficult to forget what you needed by the time you get back out to the kitchen.

8) Place opened snacks in a bin so people know to use them first before they open up others. When a pantry gets out of control you often find three bags of the same chips all opened up and probably all stale.

There is no reason to be wasteful when you can be organized instead.