Tips to Organize Photos

Learn how to organize photos with these simple tips.

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It's time to face it; you still have a mountain of disorganized prints.

Despite the onset of digital photography and online storage, you still have to deal with that big stack of developed photos left over from the Cro-Magnon 1990's or the ones you printed out from your computer.

You might have photos lying around your house, room or office desk. Here are several tips to organize those old developed photos or newly printed photos.

Use Proper Photo Albums

If you currently employ some kind of storage method that entails stacks of prints lying on top of each other (such as a shoe box with drug store prints inside their little envelope), it is important to know that this won't last forever.

Among other problems, the acid present in the printing inks are prone to bleeding through the photo paper; it degrades the photo and sometimes causes them to stick to each other.

Most 35mm photographers have seen this happen; it's not sticky because of your cousin with the spilled soda, it was your cheap photo processor.

In any case, even if you aren't concerned with digital archives, split those prints apart and put them into a low-acid, archival photo album.

Purging Tips

Once you start digging through those old rolls, you will realize something: Not every print is worth an archival effort and cost.

1. Don't keep bad photographs! Awful, out of focus pictures tend to live longer in the film world; after all, you paid for the prints, even when they were bad.

Not so with digital cameras. You take the picture, everybody laughs, and it gets promptly deleted.

Treat your print photos the same way. Purge your print collection without mercy!

You know a bad picture when you see it. There are notable exceptions...

2. Keep family snapshots even if they are fuzzy. You never know when one of those pictures will be considered valuable by you or your loved ones.

Turn Old Photos into Digital Photos

Standing over your new, smaller pile, you can do better than an old-fashioned photo album.

Get professionals to remaster your photos... let them turn your discolored or faded pictures to it's original beautiful state! Also, ask them to convert those photos to digital pictures.

It's easy to get your old negatives remastered for pennies each.

Once complete (and it can take some time, they usually send these off to India for cheap hand imaging) you'll have a DVD full of digital images, with no archival danger of degradation or color shift.

Remember, back up your library frequently.

You can generate a new, fresh print whenever you feel like it, or better yet...never. When a photo strikes the eye of your friend or relative, send them a digital copy.

It's the friendliest environmental solution yet, your photos can live virtually forever, and sharing it will be easier and cheaper.

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