Organize Tools in Your Garage

Tips for you to organize tools in your garage to create more space and reduce clutter!

A coordinated effort to organize your garage tools is immediately rewarding.

You can eliminate clutter, streamline your home improvement project, and avoid ridiculously long hunts for that misplaced toilet auger or electric winch.

Here are several tips that can help organize your garage tools:

First step: A Ruthless Purge!

Redefine garbage.

If you're the type who saves broken zip ties, rusty hardware, or rotten nylon rope, (and you know who you are) shape up. That rusty pop-riveter that was repurposed from the Navy 30 years ago deserves a final resting place. Get rid of it.

In fact, any tool you haven't used in the last 3 years should bear an uncomfortable level of scrutiny. It's most likely just taking up space in your garage. If you have an old tool box that never gets opened, get rid of it. Alternatively you could repurpose it as a computer repair kit or maybe an oil change kit.

Every storage inch should be purposeful and every tool should be essential. If you aren't likely to use it, sell it, give it to charity, or loan it to neighbors. Simplify!

Formulate a Storage Plan

After your purge, decide how your tools will typically be used, and store your garage tools at convenient places.

If you work on your cars right in the garage, some tools need to fall immediately to hand. So place those tools near your car.

Some tools need to travel: picture hangers, hammers and screwdrivers might typically be used inside the house, and they deserve their own tool bag, hung close to the inside door.

Garden tools may need to reside closer to the outside garage door.

Get Vertical!

Vertical storage is a visual and efficient method that is an excellent way to keep tools close.

Pegboard isn't just for workbenches. Cover the walls. Let it creep up the ceilings. It's flexible, cheap, yields a myriad of storage options, and as a bonus, you gain more garage space.

Have fun with colors. Make tons of tool outlines with a big black felt tip pen.

Figure out convenient ways to hang smaller tool boxes on the pegboard, and use tool bags as often as possible.

Place your garden tools high up on the walls to use that "dead" space. Use a bicycle storage pulley to keep that expensive car rack stored right above your car; when it's time to mount the rack, use the pulley to slowly lower it onto your car.

Get Your Wood Under Control

Scrap wood can take up lots of space, and the floor is the absolute worst place to store it.

Dig into that mountain of priceless lumber, and build an open, overhead storage box. You will find this is a great place to store lots of things, not just the scrap wood. Cumbersome items like kayaks, oars, and fishing equipment can share the space as well.

By following these tips to organize tools in your garage, you will find your home repairs or projects start to flow smoothly and efficiently.