How to Organize Yourself: Simple Ways to Organize Your Life

Do you seem to forget many things and feel disorganized? Here are tips to organize yourself.

Feeling a bit disorganized? Learning time management tips does not have to be a cumbersome process. In fact, focus coupled with dedication to the process, you can learn how to organize your life.

Here are the top 9 tips to organize yourself:

1. Set Goals

We tend to look at all the things we need to do, have to do, want to do, and we never seem to get around to many of them. We have a sense that we are somehow insufficient, inefficient, and that others manage better than we do.

The best solution to all of this is to set goals and either put them on paper or enter them into an electronic organizer. You'll be even more successful if you'll put a timeline on your goals.

2. Evaluate

What's really important? If you will take a hard look at all the things on your list and ask yourself this question, you'll find that you'll be able to shorten the list considerably.

Especially in recent years when the country (and the world) has faced an economic meltdown, we have all been made aware of the importance of this tip.

3. Prioritize

Can you do everything on your list? Do you need to do everything on your to-do list? You'll find that making these decisions will free your mind from the anxiety that comes from having all those things hanging over your head.

4. Schedule Tasks

Instead of saying to yourself, I'll clean out my files when I get around to it, schedule it! On Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., I'll clean out my files (or my closet or my desk, etc.)

5. Be Proactive

The opposite of reactive. If you are reactive, everybody else is in charge of your life and your time.

When you take charge, you can make the decision not to do everything others are expecting you to do, thereby focusing on exactly what is important in your own life. It is your life, you know.

6. Don't Procrastinate

Do it now! You'll find that if you constantly tell yourself this and constantly practice it, things will fall into place that have never seemed in place before. Besides, you'll end up at the end of the day with time to spare.

7. Finish What You're Doing the First Time

Interruptions can prevent you from finishing what you're doing, but remember, you can make the decision about what you will do first.

Just take a proactive stand and respond to interruptions by putting them off until you've finished. You don't just save physical time by doing this, you also save mental time because if you quit before you're through, you'll have to go back and think it through again.

8. Eliminate Time-Wasters

Look at your day. How many of the things you do are unnecessary and only serve the purpose of wasting time?

Take a proactive stance and eliminate them, and you'll experience the rewards of uncluttering your days and your life.

9. Just Stop!

Take time out! Forget that you have so many books to read and so much to learn and do.

Regularly, you need to set aside time to do nothing, but enjoying life like taking a walk, looking at the birds, visiting with your neighbors, enjoying the fresh air.

You'll find it easier to organize yourself and be efficient if you give yourself regular breaks.